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Current Location  -  WKYC-TV Cleveland, OH


Represented by  -  John Butte

Career Summary

Besides being smart, talented and charming, Danielle Wiggins, the morning traffic reporter at WKYC-TV, Cleveland, is a very intriguing person. Already the mother of two, she’s been the producer and correspondent for "The Regina Brett Show" on 89.7 WKSU, a producer for two Cleveland television stations, a college adjunct professor, a paid intern for NPR's "All Things Considered" and she holds both her under-graduate and masters degrees in journalism from Kent State University.

How did she get the traffic gig? She won it in a walk-on open tryout competition.

Most recently, Danielle led a production team to produce the pilot program #Rising for the media corporation TEGNA, Inc. #Rising tested well nationwide and was incorporated into WKYC's programming.

Don’t mess with Danielle.


Ten Years


Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication – Media Management Kent State University, Kent, Ohio December 2009
Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication - Broadcast News Kent State University, Kent, Ohio May 2004

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