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Current Location  -  WEWS, Cleveland Ohio


Represented by  -  John Butte

Career Summary

Jennifer Auh is a multi-skilled journalist reporting live each day for the trendy “The Now” 4pm newscast on the legendary WEWS News 5 Cleveland.

Jennifer is a versatile, accomplished reporter and anchor who joined News 5 from KVUE, Austin, Texas. Her stories there captured many of the issues unique to Austin, such as the effort to "Keep Austin Weird" and to save Austin's self-proclaimed title as the "Live Music Capital of the World."

Hard work, compassion, perseverance and integrity -- Jennifer Auh says she holds these four words dear to her heart, as a journalist.

Outside the newsroom, Jennifer works hard to get involved in the local community. She is also an active member of the Asian-American Journalism Association. She loves, reading, writing and staying fit!


6+ years


Washington State University – Edward R. Murrow School of Communication Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Public Relations

"Television reporters share news by telling stories"