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Career Summary

Jennifer Auh is a general assignment reporter for the FOX O&O station in Phoenix, AZ. She reports Monday through Friday on FOX 10 News (KSAZ-TV) at 4pm and its sister station, FOX10 Xtra (KUTP-TV) at 7pm.

In the past year, she had the opportunity to cover some major news in Arizona that made national headlines, including the passing of Senator John McCain and the strong monsoon storms that hit the state, due to the El Nino year.

Since graduating from Washington State University in 2009, she has built a decade of experience working as a general assignment reporter, anchor, and multimedia journalist, who can handle breaking news, live shots, on-set interviews, and live demonstrations.

Hard work, compassion, perseverance and integrity -- Jennifer Auh says she holds these four words dear to her heart, as a journalist

Outside the newsroom, Jennifer likes to be involved in the local community. She is also an active member of the Asian-American Journalism Association. She loves, reading, writing, and staying fit!


10 years


Washington State University – Edward R. Murrow School of Communication Bachelor of Arts, Communication and Public Relations

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