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Current Location  -  WKOW, Madison, Wisconsin


Represented by  -  Eric Butte

Career Summary

What career direction do you give a theater kid, a born storyteller, with the resolve, talent and smarts to discover and report stories on her own? For Caroline Bach, it was simple, journalism -- get with the times. That “ah ha” moment as a teenager was solidified when interning and shadowing newsrooms and news teams in New York City market 1, Cleveland market 19 and Toledo market 79. She connected her career dots early and never looked back.

Now, Caroline is a multi-skilled journalist who closely follows her approach to life and her career; stay informed, support your newsroom team and get the stories.  And, get the big stories, she does. Her portfolio testifies to her motto. From anchoring breaking news coverage of the Madison Police officer-involved shooting death of black teen Tony Robinson, to reporting the Wisconsin upset of Trump’s victory and the presidential recount, to fires, to murders, to the possible release of Brendan Dassey, made popular in the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer,” and most recently breaking the capture of fugitive Joseph Jakubowski’s capture, Caroline was there.

Also, noteworthy for Caroline was her role, as senior producer/anchor, to help launch a statewide version of her station’s weekend morning newscast, “Wake Up Wisconsin, Weekend”.  It reaches 5 DMAs across the state and is number one or tied for number one in four of them.


Five Years


Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio

Bachelor of Arts, Broadcasting and Mass Communications

Magna Cum Laude, cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0

"Good anchors learn to wear their words on their faces"