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The team at JBA has years of experience across a breadth of newsroom activities. Get more background on the team members here.

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Especially now, you deserve and need every advantage to compete, excel, and advance in your career. The world’s best golfers have lawyers in the boardroom, agents by their sides, swing coaches on the practice tee, and advisors on every hole. In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing media environment, the successful journalist cannot leave their careers to chance. It is the mission of John Butte & Associates to maximize the opportunity of each client through the best personal and career guidance, performance coaching, job recruitment, and representation. John Butte & Associates will worry about your career so you can focus your time and energy on your profession and performance.


Simply stated the John Butte & Associates advantage is unmatched experience. Led by veteran news executives, JBA understands television journalists, their careers, newsrooms and the necessities and motivations of station and corporate managements. No firm has the depth of understanding and expertise to successfully navigate the current economic climate and the change and transition challenging stations and networks everywhere.

"Be conversational. The viewers ears are as close as your microphone"