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Coaching and Feedback

One of the best news directors, John Butte says he had, would write a daily critique of each reporter’s story and post it on the newsroom door. “You’d have to be pretty thick skinned sometimes, he adds, but did we ever learn.” Today it’s unlikely that newsroom managers could find the time to provide such careful and frequent feedback let alone survive public critiques.

Fortunately for our clients, Butte says, in our many years in front of and behind the camera, we’ve developed a strong skill set for coaching and review. JBA will be available anytime for telephone consultation and frequent material review. In addition, we’ll provide periodic full air-check review with analysis and recommendations. The reviews will include; writing and story telling, voice and performance, make-up, wardrobe and hairstyle.

Through a relationship unique to JBA, also available are the services of the country’s top television news talent coach, Nick Dalley. Nick is individually available to JBA clients on a select basis.


Mentoring and Navigating the Newsroom

It truly is all about you. JBA will be your ready advisor, confidant and professional resource. The landmines and potholes of newsrooms remarkable culture have scuttled many a career before its tine. Whether it is pleasing your boss or learning how to work with a difficult workmate, advice is only a phone call away.

Job Search

Job Search

Accomplishing what you want and getting what you deserve for your hard work and sacrifice is the mission of John Butte & Associates. Your career and success is the highest priority.

Knowing where the openings are, where they soon will be and the needs and strategies of newsroom hiring managers are the keys to successful agency representation. Through years of television experience, John Butte and Associates has developed an extensive network of media contacts and associates to advance every job search. Further, the experience and credibility of our associates provides for timely and successful communications.

Utilizing the most professional look and effective techniques, John Butte & Associates will update and maintain for immediate use your biography, written and video resume. Via this website, prospective news managers may access your video file for immediate review. Access can be protected to maintain the privacy of your job searches.


Representation and Advocacy

John Butte & Associates will represent you in all matters of your choosing with your station management to maximize your financial rewards and advancement opportunities. Typically, these matters include compensation and key contract details such as vacation, clothing and make-up, employee and management outs, termination language, no-compete periods, right to match language, advancement opportunities and the like. JBA will be your advocate for all advancement and promotion opportunities consistent with your career plan.

Career Planning

Strategic Career Planning

Successful careers aren’t accidents. They are the result of goals and accomplishments, contacts and opportunities, timing and making the right choices. Together, we’ll design a strategic career plan, with objectives, target markets and achievement timelines.


Resume Writing

Experienced employers view hundreds of resumes and often make quick judgments on what they see and don’t see. John Butte & Associates will help you write clear, concise and effective resumes to highlight just the right information to keep a potential employer focused on you.

JBA will maintain an updated resume ready for immediate use at all times. In the Client Center your basic biographic information will appear along with your current video resume.


Editing Your Demo

Building your on-line demo is an art. JBA will work closely with you to craft your “demo” to maximize your career opportunities. JBA prefers utilizing its production associates to complete your best demo material link.r>
In the Client Center your video demo will appear along with your current biographic information and resume.

Social Media

Social Media

Now, few employers make a decision without first checking your social media pages including Linkedin. Most hiring managers report your social media usage and frequency of use affect their hiring decisions. JBA will work with you to update your work as required.

"Deadlines are your friends"