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Current Location  -  KCEN, Waco, Texas


Represented by  -  John Butte

Career Summary

Jillian Angeline nightly reports and anchors the popular Military Matters franchise on KCEN-TV, Waco/Temple/Bryan, Texas. She is the bureau-based reporter at the Fort Hood Army Base. Recently she embedded with Ft. Hood soldiers as they deployed to Kuwait and reported their stories from far east. Jillian joined KCEN in 2017 after several years reporting which included most recently reporting for KSPN2 News on the island of Saipan.

Jillian Angeline brings her skills as a trained, experienced and determined multi-platform and multi-skilled journalist and her on-air personality which is one of vigor, compassion and excitement. Jillian’s five years of professional television NEWS experience spans continents and across the United States.

Jillian was just 7-years-old when she began her broadcast career. Her first story was talking with local firefighters for Fire Prevention Month. During the interview, they received a call, suited up and raced to a fire. That first experience ignited her passion for journalism.

Fast-forward a few years…and when Category 4 Typhoon Soudelor hit Saipan in 2015, the worst hurricane to hit the island in decades, she joined the front lines reporting just hours after the storm passed. Jillian’s courage and passion for reporting kept her interviewing people and telling stories over the days and months thereafter.

Jillian is packed with endless curiosity and a passion for the people and stories she meets. The Jersey girl combines her love of traveling with journalism. From Saipan and Jordan to the American West and East Coasts, Jillian’s six-plus years of experience have been extremely busy.

Put simply, Ms. Jillian Angeline is a “newsy” through and through. She continues to be hungry for what’s happening. Check out her resume and you’ll see that she’s always finding ways to report the news.


Six Years


University of Southern California (USC)
Honors graduate, the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
Major: Broadcast and Digital Journalism
Minors: Economics; Forensics and Criminality

"Every good story can be described in three words"