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Current Location  -  WKYC, Cleveland, Ohio


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Career Summary

Raymond Strickland is just a year out of Kent State University and already on his second job and this one in St. Louis at Tegna’s legendary KSDK. His first job in North Dakota placed place him at the center of the country’s most prominent stories. He led his station’s coverage of the Standing Rock Protest, North Dakota’s boom to bust oil rush, Trump politics, blizzards and tornados.

Ray’s mentors, colleagues and bosses all describe him as DEDICATED, PURE, and DRIVEN. With a unique-to-this-industry background, Raymond stays busy inside and outside of the newsroom. Ray’s goal is to always deliver the news in an objective and fair manner.

Raymond Strickland is from Akron, Ohio ("Home of LeBron James"). He graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor of Science degree in broadcast journalism.

When he's not giving you your daily dose of news, he's working out at the local gym, playing basketball and watching the "Golden Flashes.”


2 Years


Kent State University, Kent Ohio School of Journalism and Mass Communication Bachelor of Science, Broadcast Journalism

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