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Career Summary

Rachel Polansky is a three-time Edward R. Murrow Award winning and Emmy nominated investigative reporter at WKYC 3News, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rachel is most proud of her investigative reporting that enacted change at both local and statewide levels during the 2020 pandemic. After Rachel's ongoing investigations into the state's refusal to release names of nursing homes with COVID-19 cases and deaths, Ohio's governor changed his tune and released the names. That's when Rachel uncovered the new data was riddled with errors. After she told the state about the errors, the data was corrected.

Rachel also led the charge on a series of exclusive stories about a COVID-19 outbreak at Ohio's only federal prison. As families of Elkton inmates were met with silence, Rachel exposed prison conditions and explained how the federal prison essentially became a death trap.

Before moving to Cleveland, Rachel spent three and a half years reporting at WBBH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Fort Myers, Florida. In 2019, two years after Rachel began reporting on contractor fraud, a Florida lawmaker filed legislation targeting contractors who take money from customers and don't do the work. He talked exclusively with Rachel about his new legislation and credited Rachel's stories with bringing these issues to his attention. In June 2019, Florida’s governor signed the legislation into law.

In 2017, Rachel uncovered a case of child marriage in Southwest Florida. After she reported about a young girl, who was being forced to marry an adult man, a Fort Myers senator filed legislation to change the legal age of marriage to 18. In 2018, the governor signed that legislation into law.

Rachel’s work backs up her pledge to be a journalist who makes a difference and holds the powerful accountable.

Rachel grew up in Rockland County, just outside New York City. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Penn State University. When she's not reporting, you can find her at a yoga studio or at home where she enjoys spending time with her husband, Dominic, and their golden retriever rescue, Willow.


Eight Years


The Pennsylvania State University; University Park, Pennsylvania Broadcast Journalism Major, English Minor Summa Cum Laude

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