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Current Location  -  Los Angeles


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Career Summary

Candice Hare was born with a baseball mitt on one hand and a football in the other. I believe you’d say her parents raised her surrounded by sports. Right now, horses surround her as Candice is an anchor/host on the TVG Network, horse racing's sports-oriented cable channel. How is that, you ask? Well, here’s her story.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in mathematics, she began her first professional foray in the world of sports when manually compiling full play-by-plays and enhanced box scores for College Football Network, which at the time was a subset of

Following an introduction to famed racehorse Zenyatta, Candice immersed herself into the world of horse racing and became a self-taught expert in horse racing abroad, with an emphasis on Australasia. With racing booming in those locales and an increasing number of horses being exported to the United States from abroad, Candice was sought first by Horse Player NOW -- a horse racing fan education website -- and eventually by TVG (FanDuel).

Candice began at TVG as a researcher. That role grew to include segment producing for international racing previews and it eventually led to her being promoted to a full-time on-air role less than a year after she was initially hired at TVG.

Since then, she’s been the face of racing from Australia, which has been one of the fastest growing areas of production within the company. She’s covered live racing at major domestic locations like Del Mar, California, as well as abroad in Australia and Hong Kong. Additionally, Candice produces her own segments -- creating graphics, gathering accompanying video and facilitating with the crew how the segment itself can best be presented in the studio.

Now, Candice is ready to move her reporting, anchoring and producing skills to local television and trade reins to bats and balls and all sports local.


Six years


University of California, Riverside, California; Bachelors of Mathematics Degree

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